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Trusting the Process

Have you ever pleaded with God for something for so long that you were just pretty sure that he is ignoring you.  It may not even be for something you want.  It may be for an actual need. I know I have.  There have been times when I have begged and pleaded with the Lord for something. There is one thing in particular that I have been praying about for years.  I have pleaded my case to the Lord many times.  How I could use that for His honor and glory.  He hasn't seen fit to give it to me and I must say if I don't keep myself in check, I get a little bitter about it.  In fact, some days I just want to stomp my foot like a toddler (and sometimes I do).   Ephesians 3:20 always seems to be a go-to verse to show how powerful God is.  "Now to him who is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine, according to his power that is at work within us...".  How many times have we looked at that very verse and said, "Yes Lord, I know that you can do immeasurable m
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That's How We Roll

Trey (in the gray t shirt) got back to bowling on Saturday. This was the first time he has bowled since last March. It was a little rough to say the least. I think out of two games, his best was a 164... H He will get there.  We are still planning on going to the state tournament in the spring. Let's just hope that he gets his scores back up where they need to be.  School started on the 4th for us.  We are about a week behind where I would like us to be.  It was just hard for Trey to do school with everyone home...especially Carl.  He tends to be a major distraction!  It has been fairly easy to get back in the swing of things. We will finally get our semester test finished this week.  I probably could have crammed a review in and got the exams done last week, but we had about 4 days worth of new material to learn in a couple of subjects. It is what it is. Sunday was super cold and dreary but it was a great day. We had great services at church, an amazing Mexican lunch at my parents

NYE and 2021 Week 1

We started our New Years Eve celebration off at my parents house.  Carl, my dad, and Trey fried fish, hushpuppies, biscuits, and fries.  It was all so delicious!  We had hoped that the weather would clear up before night, but that didn't happen.  It was pretty cold and nasty out, so we stayed indoors (no fireworks or bonfires).   My sister and her family were able to be with us this year.  The age difference between my oldest and her youngest is about 9 years.  It's hard to find a fun activity that everyone can participate in.  We stayed for a few hours then left and went home.  Carlie and Caleb came over and we stayed out at the shop playing darts and ping pong.  They weren't able to stay long because Carlie was on call on New Years Day so she had to be in Little Rock by 6:30 a.m.   Carl, Makena, Trey, and I spent the rest of the night inside where is was dry and warm.  We welcomed the new year in our jammies and were all in bed by 12:30.  We're real party animals arou

Word of the Year

I've never been one to pick a "word" of the year.  It just wasn't really my thing, kind of like new year resolutions.  However, I thought I would change things up bit this year (new year, new you!).  I did some digging and praying and one word just kept coming to mind in everything I read... Overcome: verb- succeed in dealing with (a problem or difficulty).                              defeat (an opponent); prevail                             (of emotion) overpower or overwhelm. There are so many Bible verses, so many applications for this one little word.  In the coming year, I plan to learn more about the word overcome.  "I have told you these things, so that in me you may have peace.  In this world you will have trouble, But take heart! I have overcome the world." John 16:33 Much Love, Beth


Well, in true 2020 fashion, Christmas looked very different than it has in the past.  Thankfully we were all well (Makena's cough was finally gone. Woo Hoo!!) but as I said in my previous post,  Carl's step-dad tested positive on Wednesday and his mom was showing symptoms by Christmas day.  We didn't go to their house on Christmas Eve like we normally do, so that day looked very different for us. I finished wrapping a few last minute gifts from Amazon, made a few snacks to take to Grammy and Papa's house, and cleaned house.  It was so boring!  Carlie and Caleb came to our house and visited for about an hour before we all went to Grammy's (after we got the call that we were late..I was told between 5-5:30). We were all getting ready to eat when we heard something that sounded like a thud.  Lo and behold, it was my Grammy.  Here is another story for the dementia chronicles. She had decided that she needed to get in the attic and find a baby seat for my cousins grandso

Christmas Week

 It's almost Christmas!  We had to make a quick trip to Little Rock on Tuesday to purchase something that I had already purchased but never got shipped. I am thankful that I found them and didn't have to drive too far to pick them up.  Instead of going straight home we went to Pine Bluff to see the Christmas lights at Regional Park.  Those are the OG lights for us.  I am soaking up every minute of the four of us being together because all too soon Makena Faith will be back in Arkadelphia.  Not the best picture! I came home and wrapped presents... and I still have more! My mom, Aunt and I went and cleaned Grammy's house for her.  Let's just say it was a labor of love! While we were there my mom put George Strait's Christmas vest on him.  He growled the whole time but once he made his way back to Grammy's lap, he was all good.  He's such a grumpy little dog! Now I'm just here waiting....waiting on Christmas and a missing package that I couldn't replace

Weekend Recap

Only 5 more days until Christmas! I have to admit, I've been running low on Christmas spirit this year, but I am determined to keep things as light as possible for my kids (or at least Makena and Trey). We made the trip to Sherwood to see the Christmas lights along with what seemed like half of the state of Arkansas. I guess everyone felt pretty safe driving thru lights. We waited in line for around an hour and a half before getting to the entrance. Trey and Carl cranked the music up and we had everyone around us laughing. Me and Makena may have been crouching down in our seats but their antics made the time pass a little faster. This is the first year that Carlie hasn't been with us. I invited her (and Caleb) but they were doing some home renovations.  The piano man He played Feliz Navidad and It Came Upon the Midnight Clear. I love hearing him play the piano but these days his preference is the guitar. Aunt Becky and her students.  We had the Christmas recital on Saturday eve